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Dear Follower or Occasional Search Engine Vagrant…

In order to save valuable time and streamline my blogging, I am now going to post everything on my eyemocean blog. So, please unfavouritize this blog and go over to and follow that instead.

I hope to see you there soon.


Earth’s Decay is the fault of Iranian Tarts

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Amidst the depressing vista of our world being hacked and sawn down around our feet by greedy companies and bloated oligarchs it is sometimes necessary to step back and have a good laugh.

Iranian Cleric blames earthquakes on promiscuous women.

Monster of Belo Monte stalled but not beaten

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The Brazilian government is vowing to push ahead with the controversial Belo Monte dam project as it believes it will win an appeal to overturn a judges ruling taken this week stalling the dams construction licenses from being issued.

A battle is raging over the dam with superstars James Cameron, director of Avatar and Sigourney Weaver heading up the publicity rally drawing action over the ecological tragedy.

6 Million Dollar Man appears briefly in Amazon

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That’s 6 Million Dollars poorer after he was fined that amount for destroying 2234 hectares (about 8.5 square miles) of Amazon Rainforest. The farmer who remains unnamed (what? No public hanging?) after the prosecutions were brought by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Human Resources ( another foreign institution that sounds like Obama). The operations occured within the Arco de Fogo (Arc of Fire) where burning the rainforest occurs on a regular basis and also included prosecutions against companies related to ill gotten trade from rain forest products. The fines are said to have totalled 550 million dollars.

Is it too cynical to suggest that some of this money might find its way to the Belo Monte dam project which at 190 square miles is set to destroy over 22 times more rainforest than what this farming operation has done? It appears that Rainforest Desctruction can only occur if it is legally sanctioned by the Brazilian Government. Shame on you ‘Lula’.

My Summary of CITES

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They say a picture paints a thousands words…

nestle and greenpeace in viral video wrangle

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Nestle, in attempting to quash a viral video attempt by greenpeace to link it to dodgy palm oil trading in indonesia, has only served to generate more interest in the video. After getting it banned from youtube, the video has started springing up all over the internet via social networking sites.

Have a break? from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

Britain Looses 500 Species in last 200 years

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A recent report by the UK government’s countryside watchdog Natural England, states that England alone has lost 500 species in only the last 200 years. That number they say is also likely to be an underestimate as records until the 1800’s were poorly kept and probably only included the ‘largest and scariest’ wildlife of the time. Extinction of species prior to the industrial era numbered only a handful, and losses since the 1800’s can be directly attributed to habitat loss, inappropriate management, environmental pollution and pressure from non-native species.

The report also highlights the fragility of locally existing species and only correct management of these is likely to save them, or conversely can wipe them out without anyone knowing they are locally endemic. The report includes several examples of these vulnerabilities and our effect on them.

Follow my writeup on the CITES meeting taking place in Doha from this Monday (15/03/09), where the world will decide whether or not to implement important trade restrictions of many threatened species.

You can read a press release , and find a link to download the full report by going here.

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